Awaken Your Inner Artist

Beauty Play puts the “playfulness” back into makeup application with the core belief that makeup should be accessible, effortless and natural. While makeup is at the center of what we do, Beauty Play’s main motivation is to empower people to show up in the world as their truest, most beautiful selves.

Everything you find in the shop has been hand selected by our founder, Lindy. She is a professional makeup artist and has sought out products with a particular set of requirements: cruelty free with safe ingredients, color makeup in global skin tones, and staying power to make it through our crazy lives without our faces melting off. 

Our first collection of lipsticks is out now, with new items being added in the near future. To find out when new items release, be sure to subscribe to our email list. 



Hi Beauties!

I'm Lindy, a makeup artist from Chicago!

Through my years as a makeup artist, I have heard time and time again from countless clients that they like makeup and would like to be better at it, but they don’t know where to start. I created Beauty Play to show that makeup doesn’t have to be scary and hard. I'm here to help you make it fast, easy and fun because life is hard and we only have so much effort in our souls for primping!